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The Best of 2008

Since 2008 is coming to an end, I decided to take a look back and make a list of my favorite things from this year.  Here you go, in no particular order.

#1. Food  I discovered real food earlier this year.  I still dig milk, but food is pretty darn good.  I’ve had food that’s all different colors, shapes and smells.  I gotta say, I like just about all of it.  My favorites are cheese and pizza. 

#2. Batting Practice  I like going to the ballpark early to catch batting practice.  I’ve caught balls, gotten autographs and met some of my favorite players.  Batting practice was a great discovery for 2008. 

#3. Clapping  Clapping’s my favorite.  It’s way underrated.  I’m glad I figured out how to do it.  You should try it sometime. 

#4. Road Trips and Away Games  I’m pretty lucky.  I got to travel alot this year.  I managed to visit two Major League Ballparks in addition to Coors Field.  I hope to visit at least two more next season. 

#5. Double Headers  Two games for the price of one!  Are you kidding me!  I managed to hit my first double header in Baltimore, when the Orioles played the Rays.  You can read all about it if you search a little deeper in my blog.  I was instantly hooked.  You’ve got to check these out. 

#6. My Bears  These guys really understand me.  Not to mention, their fur is yummy. 

#7. Mascots  Furry and silly, mascots from all around always put a smile on my face. 
















#8.  MLBlogs  This place rocks!  It gives me the chance to talk with people around the country about something I love…  baseball.  I could spend days just reading other blogs and enjoying all of the creativity and hard work that goes into it.  I hope you enjoy my little spot here on the web as much as I enjoy posting and sharing with you. 
dw32U55d.jpgBest of 2008 Honorable Mentions: Music (especially Vampire Weekend – they make me want to dance); hanging with my family and friends; all of the deer and wildlife at Pap and Gran C’s place; Sesame Street; my kitties (not to be confused with the Angry Kittens); living in Colorado.

Hope you have a great 2009! 




Mascot Needed!!!

Anybody looking for a job?  The Oakland A’s are hiring.  They’re searching for someone to perform as Stomper next season.  He’s the funny grey elephant with the weird, noisy nose that runs around during games.  Here’s the link:


Welcome to Stomper's Page!

I would try to get an interview, but Dad says I don’t weigh the 165 lb. minimum.  I guess I need to keep drinking my milk. 

Please apply if you’re interested.  We went to an A’s game earlier this season to visit him.  It would be sad if Stomper wasn’t around next year.