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Back to Coors Field

So the regular season is well underway and I finally made it to Coors Field to see my Rockies back in action.  April is kind of funny in Colorado.  We get all kinds of weather and I didn’t want to bring my baby sister to a game in the snow and cold weather.  So I sent Mom and Dad out with some of their friends to scope things out a few weeks ago.  They went to see the Rockies take on the Padres. 

They seemed to think it was warm enough for us to all go see a game.  I called up Grancie and Pap, got tickets and got ready for my first game of the season.  We went last weekend to see the Rockies take on the Marlins.

It was so great to be back at the yard.  It was rainy and breezy, but we were bundled up and did our best to stay warm.  Here’s the view from our seats. 

Stacy seemed like she was having a lot of fun.  She ate puffs and stayed awake for almost the whole game! 

Pap’s a trip.  He cracks me up. 

Mom and Stacy all cute and snuggly. 

We walked the concourse to get a few pictures. 

The guys looked good and pulled out an 8-4 win.  We had a blast.   

I think the weather has finally started to warm up around here.  I took my sister to the zoo last week for a picnic.  She loves being outside in the sun. 

Mom and Dad took us to see a helicopter, fire truck and police cars.  Here’s me learning how to fly the helicopter. 

Then I got to sit up front in the fire truck. 

I’m so glad the summer is almost here.  I plan on making the most of the nice weather and catching lots of baseball games.  I’ll keep you posted on what I’m up to and you can be sure I’ll be cheering on my Rockies all season long. 

Talk to you soon!