Look Out National League, Here Come The Rockies!

My Rockies have been making things very interesting lately.  A few days ago, they beat the Giants in 14 innings after Spilly hit a walk off grand slam and last night, they beat the Dodgers in 10 innings.  It’s starting to feel like Rocktober around here. 

I’ve been doing my best to be a good big brother.  My little sister Stacy is pretty neat.  I decided to take her to her first baseball game earlier this month.  Here’s a picture of her. 

I didn’t take it personally that she decided to sleep through most of the game.  She sleeps almost as much as my kitty Sydney.  I went ahead and enjoyed the game.

The weather has been perfect lately and we all kicked back to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

The Pirates didn’t put up much of a fight and the Rockies breezed to an 8-0 victory. 

I didn’t want to miss any of the game and saved my sleeping for the ride home. 

Last week, we got lucky and our friend Shawn gave us his tickets to see the Giants.  He’s got great seats down the first base line.  They are up nice and close.  I could even hear Todd Helton when he was on the field. 

Baseball and animal crackers.  Life is good. 

I gave Stacy my hat, but I think it might be a little big.  At least she managed to stay awake for part of the game.   

The Rockies really made this a fun one.  They rallied from being behind 6-1 to winning the game 14-11.  It was awesome! 
8.22.09-4.jpgThings are crazy around here right now.  The Rockies are playing great baseball and really making these games fun to watch.  I hope to catch another game in a few days, so stay tuned. 

I also want to wish Mom a Happy Birthday!  She’s the best! 


  1. raysrenegade

    Baby Paul.
    Great to see you are getting a good grip on that Big Brother thing.
    Glad to see you my little friend.
    I agree your purple boys are beginning to make everyone think about 2007, and we know how far they went that season.
    That’s right! All the way to the big show.
    I know with all the baby stress of your little sister coming into the world and such some of the baseball had to be done at home, but it is great to see you writing again, and also seeing games.
    Take care my little buddy, and do not eat any stale Animal Crackers

    Rays Renegade


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