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Grapefruit League: Rays vs. Reds

So we’re back from Florida and I’m way overdue with a post.  Our trip was great!  We snuck out of Denver just hours before a major snow storm blew through.  Dad seemed pretty relieved to get out of town.  He said he didn’t want to take a week off of work and get stuck in the airport. 

We flew into Tampa, got our ride and headed down to see Grandma and Grandpa Goodrich down in Port Charlotte.  I did a whole lot while we were down there, so I decided to split my trip into two posts.  The first one is going to be from the game we went too.  The second will be about the rest of my trip.  Sound OK? 

Here we go.  Dad managed to pick up four tickets to see the Rays vs. Reds.  The Rays Renegade gave us some advice and told us to get there early so we wouldn’t get stuck in traffic.  Here’s a shot of the stadium as we pulled in.

When we got inside, we were greeted by this guy.  He wanted me to try his “buffalo wings”.  I explained to him that buffalo’s don’t fly and don’t even have wings.  I think he was just confused.  It was probably from the humidity.   

Dad and I headed down the right field line to watch batting practice. 

The place was already packed, but we still managed to get a decent spot along the wall.

I talked one of the Reds players into tossing up a ball for me.  After batting practice was over, we headed down the fence to get a better spot for autographs.  Andy Sonnanstine came over to us and signed my baseball.  He was super nice and signed for everybody that wanted an autograph.   

We called out to Dusty Baker as he was walking by and he also stopped to sign an autograph for us.  Dad was pretty excited to meet him.

Evan Longoria signed for about 10 people next to us, but we couldn’t get his attention.  Dad wanted to get Scott Kazmir to sign his jersey, but he must have had the day off.  We didn’t see him anywhere. 

Eventually, we made our way up to our seats and got ready for the game.  Here’s a shot of the first pitch. 

That’s Willy Taveras leading off.  I still don’t know how I feel about seeing him in a Reds uniform.  He evenutally got on base, but got picked off.

Here’s Evan Longoria facing Edinson Volquez. 

Just me.  Livin’ the good life.

Dad and I wandered off to do a little exploring.  We came across the popular tiki hut out in centerfield. 

Not a bad seat in the house.  This is the view from the tiki hut.

We worked our way around the boardwalk and watched the players warm up in the bullpen. 





















































Akinori Iwamura taking a strike.

Joey Votto looked sharp and hit a home run during the game. 

Look out Brandon Phillips! 

I hung out with Mom and Grandma during the 7th inning snooze. 

The Rays lost, but we all had a great time.  The Rays have a beautiful ballpark in Port Charlotte.  The weather was perfect and I managed to get another baseball and a few autographs.  Just a great day!

So stay tuned.  I’ll go through the rest of Mom’s pictures and make a post about the rest of our week in Florida.  

Opening Day is only a few days away!  On TV tonight, we watched the Cubs vs. Yankees in the new Yankee Stadium.  Right now, I’m fighting off sleep, trying to stay awake for the Rockies vs. Mariners exhibition game.  I think sleep will win. 

Hope you enjoyed our pictures.  Until next time, good night!

Mail Call

I’ve recently discovered the mail.  I don’t know where the stuff comes from or who puts it in the big mail box, but every now and then, I get a fun surprise.  I never know what Dad’s going to pull out of that shiny thing.  It’s almost as exciting as Christmas! 

On the other hand, Dad doesn’t seem to like the mail as much as I do.  When he gets the mail, I usually hear him mumbling something about bills.  I don’t really understand the whole “bill” concept, but I’ve decided it’s not for me.  Sometimes I see these colorful, shiny ads that look like fun and catch my attention.  Every now and then Dad will give them to me to play with and rip into tiny little pieces.

Recently, Dad helped me send letters out to some of my favorite baseball players.  We went and dropped them all in our mailbox.  A few weeks have gone by and Dad has started pulling out some nice surprises for me out of the shiny box.  Here’s one I got yesterday from Mike Mussina.

1.21.jpgHe’s a seven time gold glove winner and won 20 games last year.  He recently announced his retirement.  I hope Moose enjoys retirement as much as Pappy does.  Anyway, I was really excited to get this back.  Mike had a great career and it was really nice of him to sign my cards.  Thanks Mr. Moose!  I appreciate it.   


I Got Mail and The Rox Got a New Pitcher

Late last season, I sent some mail out to a few of my favorite players.  I had to get Dad to help since I can’t reach the mailbox.  I was hoping to add a few autographs to my collection.  I got some responses and I want to start posting them on my blog. 

To start it off, here’s a card I got back from Jeremy Affeldt.  He even personalized it for me.


Thanks Jeremy! 

And in case you haven’t already heard, the Rockies got a new pitcher today.  Jason Marquis is coming to Colorado this season.

He played for the Cubs last year and I think he’ll make a great addititon to our starting rotation.  

That’s it for now.  I’m ready for bed.


2008 Totals and 2009 Goals

Since 2009 has arrived, I decided to take a look back on 2008.  2008 was pretty darn good to me, especially when it came to baseball.  I didn’t a little math and added up my ’08 totals.  But before I share that with you, I want to send out a special thanks to all of my bears.  Without you guys and all of your paws, I never would have been able to add these totals up.  You guys have my back and I appreciate it. 

Games Attended: 22

Different Teams I Watched: 15 (11 NL and 4 AL)

Stadiums Visited: 3 (Coors Field, McAfee Coliseum and Camden Yards)

Baseballs Snagged in Batting Practice: 6

Autographs: 23 different players


I also managed to catch 3 Minor League games, where I caught 4 baseballs and got plenty of autographs.  Needless to say, I was a pretty lucky boy.

For 2009, I came up with a few goals for myself.  I’d like to try to attend 12 games, visit 3 stadiums and snag 1 baseball.  I know it might sound a little on the conservative side compared to last year’s numbers, but I want to make sure I wasn’t just really, really lucky in 2008.  It was only my first season, so who knows.  

I’m already off to a good start.  Yesterday in the mail, I got a letter from Bud Selig.  He’s the Commissioner of Major League Baseball!  He sent me a letter and a signed picture.  Dad said his signature is on every single official baseball.  His hand must get tired from signing his name all the time. 
1.4.09.jpgThanks Mr. Selig!  I hope to see you at the park this season.