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USA Off to Round 2 / Mail Call #8

Mom was working tonight, but Dad and I hung out and watched the USA take on Venezuela in the WBC.  The Venezuelans came out ready to go and shook up the US pitchers.  It wasn’t all bad though.  Chris Iannetta came up big with a HUGE 2 run home run.  He hit it up towards the upper deck of the dome.  It was a doozy.  Nice job Chris, you continue to amaze us! 


Good luck to Team USA in round 2. 

Tonight, we’re watching the Aussies as they take on Mexico.  Dad spent almost two months in Australia after college exploring the land (and water) down under, so we’re cheering for them. 

So here’s a special mail call, from a player on the Australian team.  It’s from Rich Thompson.  He’s an up and coming pitcher for the AL West Champion Angels.  Good luck tonight Mr. Thompson and thanks for signing my card!


3.12.09.jpgGood night!

Team USA Comes Up Big!

Who watched Team USA in the WBC last night?  They looked sharp and came up big in a 15 – 6 win over Venezuela.  My buddy Chris Iannetta had a huge night, going 2 for 3 with 4 RBI’s.  Nice job Chris! 

With their two wins, they’ve secured a spot in Round Two.  Great job guys!

This has nothing to do with baseball, but Dad said one of his favorite bands got back together for a series of shows over the weekend in Hampton, VA.  It’s some group called Phish.  I’ve never heard these guys, but it looks like they put on a crazy light show.  I guess it makes up for their bad spelling.

Phish Returns at Hampton Coliseum - Day 1 - Concert by phishfromtheroad.

The World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic (WBC for those in “the know”) has officially begun. 

This is my first time seeing this tournament, but I’m already hooked.  I’m pulling for Team USA.  Mom and I watched the game yesterday against Canada and it was a good one.  Dad was stuck at work and tried to catch the score every now and then on MLB.com  I filled him in when he got home.  LaTroy Hawkins got the win.  I’m sure you knew he used to be a Rockie.   

I’m also pulling for the underdogs whenever Team USA isn’t playing.  The Netherlands pulling ahead of the Dominican Republic was a shocker.  

We tuned in for Italy vs. Venezuela last night.  Italy looked solid for the first 4 innings, but their bullpen couldn’t hold on.  Poor Jason Grilli did not pitch well. 

We’re getting ready for USA vs. Venezuela, which starts in a few minutes.  I hear Chris Iannetta will be behind home plate tonight.  Can’t wait! 

Not much else to report.  It’s been kind of a lazy day for us.  Mom has been sick, so she’s been lounging and taking it easy.  Dad ran some errands and took me for a walk down to the park when he got home.  I saw geese, ducks, dogs and people out enjoying the nice weather.  We had fun.  It’s in the 60’s today.  Hard to believe we had snow flurries yesterday. 

Anyway, game starts in 2 min.  Got to get a fresh bottle and clean diaper.  Talk to you later!