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Sheffield Hits Number 500!

Just wanted to give a quick congrats to Gary Sheffield, who hit his 500th home run last week with the New York Mets.  He’s been stuck on 499 since last season and we got to see him hit #500 on the MLB Network.  Check out our ball.


You’ve probably noticed that my Rockies are off to a slow start.  They haven’t been playing well at all…  It’s early and I still have faith, but it can be tough to watch at times.  I just watched Franklin Morales give up back-to-back home runs to the nasty Diamondbacks.  I really don’t like those guys. 

This road trip has been too long.  Come back to Coors Field guys! 

More Fun in the Sun

I figured I’d share some more pics from my Florida vacation.  Dad got up early a few times to visit the Rays sping training facility down the street from us.  Here’s some shots he took.


They had four fields with minor league teams practicing on each one. 


One day Dad watched a 5-inning game between the AAA team.  The pitchers were fighting for the 5th starting spot in the Rays rotation and BJ Upton was playing centerfield. 

Here’s BJ getting ready to run some sprints.

I gave Dad a baseball to get signed by David Price, but Dad didn’t see him at the practice fields.  Oh well.  Dad did manage to get a few balls at batting practice for me to play with.  

Check out these alligators that lived in a pond near Grandma and Grandpa’s place.  I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near the pond, but Dad let me look at the pictures. 


Mom took me to dip my feet in the ocean for the first time. 

The water was cold and I didn’t want to stay in for very long.  I think I’ll stick to the pool.  I called Grandma over to get me out. 
4.6.09-9.jpg Just me and Dad hangin’ out.

I watched the boats go by and tried to talk to this stork in the picture.  I gave him my address and e-mail to make sure he didn’t get lost when he delivers the new baby. 
4.6.09-10.jpgI’ll see you in a few months buddy.

Here’s Mom and I with Grandma and Grandpa.

Our trip was over way too soon, but eventually we had to head home.  It was a whole lot of fun and I hope we can do it again next spring. 

Hope everyone enjoyed Opening Day.  My Rockies suffered a loss yesterday, but I’m hoping we can pull out a win tonight against those pesky Diamondbacks.

The Colorado home opener is on Friday.  I’ll be at the stadium on Saturday to see my guys take on the world champion Phillies.  Hope to see you there! 

Mail Call #2

 I got another letter in the mail today.

This time it was from Mark Grace.  Mark played for the Cubs and the Diamondbacks.  He racked up more hits than any other player during the 90’s and collected several Gold Glove awards.  He also helped the D-backs win the World Series in 2001 over the Yankees.

1.31.09.jpgThese days, you can catch him as a broadcaster for the Diamondbacks and occasionally for Fox Sports.  Thanks Mr. Grace!     

My Last Rockies Game of the Season

Gran C and Pappy offered to take us to one last Rockies game of the season.  I couldn’t say no and I was excited to catch one more game.  Here’s Mom, Dad and I waiting to get in.

I knew that Aaron Cook was going to be pitching tonight.  I told Dad to take some good pictures for my blog. 



We had a great time at the game.  I did my impression of one of the seven dwarves. 

Dad said I looked like a garden gnome.  Dad, what’s a gnome?  Either way, Gran C and Pappy seemed to get a kick out of it. 

Aaron pitched a good game and we had a nice view from our seats. 

Brian Fuentes didn’t have a good time.  He gave up 2 runs in the 9th inning to give the snakes the lead.  I rallied around my team and yelled and clapped and yelled some more.  I even put on my funny looking rally cap. 

They put out a good effort, but couldn’t come up with the win. 
9.20-9.jpgNext season guys, next season.  Mom snapped another picture on the way out. 

I slept like a baby the whole way home. 

Thanks for reading my blog.  I have a surpirse trip coming up.  I’m headed out tomorrow night and will be lucky enough to catch a baseball game in a new place.  Stay tuned to my blog and I’ll fill you in on all of the details when I get back. 

Oh, and I watched a great game tonight on TV.  I watched the last game that’s ever going to be played at Yankee Stadium.  I got a pretty good history lesson from Dad and really enjoyed all of the ceremonies.  It’s hard to believe they’re going to move.

I really need to get my bags packed.  Stay tuned.