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Rox vs. Braves, Family Time and A Special Delivery

It seems that the older I get, the busier I get.  My days are filling up with all kinds of things that I never imagined.  I like staying busy, but it does keep me from posting as much as I’d like.

Anyway, my cousin Robert came out from North Carolina to visit me a few weeks ago.  We went to the mountains, played in the batting cages and I took him to his first ever Major Leauge Baseball game!  He had been to several minor league games, but no big leauge games.  His team back home is the Durham Bulls.  Here we are hanging out.

7.09.09-5.jpgWe got tickets to see the Rockies take on the Atlanta Braves.  Here’s the view from our seats. 
7.09.09-1.jpgWe got to watch a beautiful sunset on a perfect night at the park. 
7.09.09-2.jpgDad was acting kind of weird during the game.  See he’s got Tommy Hanson and Brain McCann on his fantasy baseball team, so he was cheering for them, but we’re obviously all big Rockies fans…  I kept him in line and made sure he was rooting for the good guys.  I was nice enough to take a picture though for him.  Here’s Tommy Hanson pitching and Brian McCann catching. 
7.09.09-3.jpgIt was a great game, that went all the way to the end.  The Rockies were able to pull out a 1 run victory and I went home happy.  I even managed to get a ball for Robert.
7.09.09-4.jpgIn other news, Mom and Dad brought home a little sister for me.  Everybody meet Stacy!   

In case you couldn’t tell, she’s really cute.  She spends most of her free time eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom, so I’m trying to find her some hobbies that will give her something else to occupy her time.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

I’ve been making out pretty good so far.  I got to sleep over at Gran C and Pappy’s for a few nights and Grandma Goodrich came to town for a visit.  I was completely spoiled.  It was great. 
8.1.09.jpg I think I’ve talked everyone into taking me to a baseball game tomorrow.  Mom, Dad, Stacy and I are going to head down to catch a Sky Sox game with Gran C and Pappy.  I can’t wait.  Hope to see you soon! 

Interleague Play and a Quick Update

I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog lately.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped cheering for my Rockies or watching baseball.  This summer has kept me busy so far and I don’t see my schedule slowing down any time soon. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I caught a few games when the Tampa Bay Rays came to town.  One night, was a guy’s night out, with Dad and our buddy Ned.  Here’s some shots of David Price warming up in the bullpen.  He’s on Dad’s fantasy baseball team, so I figured I’d snap a few pics for him. 



On the other side of the wall, I also got to see Aaron Cook warm up.

We sat in the outfield eating hot dogs and argued over who to cheer for.  My Rockies beat up on David Price and got the win.  

6.17.09-5.jpgOn the next afternoon, we headed back to the stadium for another game.  This time, we made sure to take Mom with us.  Dad actually won a pair of tickets from work and we got to sit in the fancy club level at the stadium.  It was our first time seeing a game from this part of the park.

6.18.09-1.jpgThe Rockies had Ubaldo Jimenez on the mound. 
6.18.09-2.jpgMom was rooting for the Rockies, but she has Evan Longoria on her fantasy baseball team, so she was secretly cheering for him.  Fantasy baseball can really get you mixed up on who to root for.   
6.18.09-3.jpgDon’t worry, I straightened her out and convinced her to cheer for the good guys.
6.18.09-4.jpgAnd of course, they won!  My guys have been doing great lately.  I just hope we can keep it up and catch those pesky Dodgers. 

My cousin Robert is in town for the next few days.  He flew all the way out from North Carolina.   I love having him stay with us.  He’s funny and I like playing with him.  He was lucky enough to recently visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  He even brought me back a nice, new hat.

Today, we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park.
7.7.09.jpgWe’re taking him with us to the ballpark later this week.  We’ll see the Rockies take on the Braves.  I can’t wait.  Talk to you soon!