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Mail Call #5

I figured I’d share some more fun stuff I got in the mail during the offseason.  Here’s a special one for the pitchers and catchers that reported to Spring Training today.

This letter was from Aaron Cook.  He’s one of my favorite pitchers.


Aaron got alot of attention this year after he pitched three shutout innings during the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.  He did a great job, just like he did for the Rockies nearly all season.  Only ten days until the first Spring Training games!  Anybody have a time machine I can borrow?   

Mail Call #3

New mail has arrived!

This time, Dad helped me write to Hall of Famer Paul Molitor.  I thought he had a great name, so I did a little research on him and decided to drop him a line in the mail. 

2.08.09.jpgPaul was a seven time all star, had over 3,000 hits and was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2004 (his first year of eligibilty).  Thank you Mr. Molitor for signing my card! 

I’m loving this mail thing.  It’s a great way for me to keep busy during the offseason.   

Mail Call #2

 I got another letter in the mail today.

This time it was from Mark Grace.  Mark played for the Cubs and the Diamondbacks.  He racked up more hits than any other player during the 90’s and collected several Gold Glove awards.  He also helped the D-backs win the World Series in 2001 over the Yankees.

1.31.09.jpgThese days, you can catch him as a broadcaster for the Diamondbacks and occasionally for Fox Sports.  Thanks Mr. Grace!