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Mail Call #9

I’ve got some more mail to share with you.  This time I got a letter from Mr. Duke Snider.  He doesn’t play anymore.  Mr. Snider is actually in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  Here’s what I got.
5.2.09.jpgThe Rockies have been on the road for a while and just got back in town last week.  Dad had some friends in town and they went to see the Rockies vs. Dodgers last weekend. 
4.26.09.jpgI hope to make it back to the stadium soon.  I’m overdue and I think the guys might be able to use my help.

Mail Call #5

I figured I’d share some more fun stuff I got in the mail during the offseason.  Here’s a special one for the pitchers and catchers that reported to Spring Training today.

This letter was from Aaron Cook.  He’s one of my favorite pitchers.


Aaron got alot of attention this year after he pitched three shutout innings during the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.  He did a great job, just like he did for the Rockies nearly all season.  Only ten days until the first Spring Training games!  Anybody have a time machine I can borrow?   

Mail Call #4

More mail!

This one’s from the Dragon Slayer, Josh Fogg.  I like Josh and am glad to see him back in a Rockies uniform this year. 

We sent this to him when he was playing with the Cincinnati Reds last season and got it returned from Florida.  I guess he knows where to go in order to get away and relax during the offseason. 

In other news, pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training this week.  I’m pumped for some baseball.