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Guy’s Night

Friday night, usually means “Guy’s Night”.  Typically, Mom has to work those nights, so Dad and I usually just hang out at home.  There’s plenty for us to do at home and we always manage to find a way to have a little fun. 

Sometimes we hang out and listen to music.  Dad’s got a bunch of these round, shiny things that play groovy tunes.  I like to look at the pictures and try to eat them.

1.9-1.1.jpgWord to the wise, they look better than they taste. 

After that, sometimes we get inspired to go and make a little music of our own.  Dad’s got this noisy thing in his “man cave” that I like to smack. 


I don’t know who this crazy guy is, but I like him.  I like his wild hair and cool pants.

1.9-4.jpgAfter jammin’, it’s time for a break.  I’ve found the best way to wind down is with a little MLB Network.  I pulled my bat out tonight during “Hot Stove”, to work on my bunting technique. 
1.9-5.jpgThis is about the time that I start to get tired.  Really tired.  Which means, it’s about time for our bottles.  Can you figure out which one is mine? 
1.9-6.jpgMine’s the one in the middle.  Dad likes this stuff called beer.  He says his favorites are from Belgium, whatever that means.  I’ll be honest with you, the stuff is gross.  I think his tastebuds might be broken or something.  I don’t argue with him though.  It just means more milk for me. 

So Friday nights are pretty great, even when there aren’t any baseball games to watch.  You should give it a try sometime.  You won’t regret it.     


MLB Network – Hot Stove

I’m still rockin’ with the MLB Network.  It’s pretty perfect if you ask me.  Anyway, Tim Lincecum is going to be on the Hot Stove show tonight.  Even though he’s not a Rockie, he’s one of my favorite players.


9.2-6.jpgI always cheer for him unless he’s playing my Rockies!  I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say about winning the Cy Young Award and what he’s been doing during the offseason.  Maybe he’ll even throw some pitches in Studio 42!  Check him out.