Mascot Needed!!!

Anybody looking for a job?  The Oakland A’s are hiring.  They’re searching for someone to perform as Stomper next season.  He’s the funny grey elephant with the weird, noisy nose that runs around during games.  Here’s the link:

Welcome to Stomper's Page!

I would try to get an interview, but Dad says I don’t weigh the 165 lb. minimum.  I guess I need to keep drinking my milk. 

Please apply if you’re interested.  We went to an A’s game earlier this season to visit him.  It would be sad if Stomper wasn’t around next year.

One comment

  1. thegoodofthegame

    Good luck finding a new Stomper.
    The Phillie Phanatic is still the best mascot in the history of the world, though. There have only been two men to play the Phanatic since he showed up in 1978. Dave Raymond was an intern in the Phillies organization when the team bought the costume and played the Phanatic until 1993. He even got married at home plate in Veterans Stadium while wearing the suit! Tom Burgoyne now dons the Phillie Phanatic suit for 81 home games a year. That’s dedication, my friends!

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