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Guy’s Night

Friday night, usually means “Guy’s Night”.  Typically, Mom has to work those nights, so Dad and I usually just hang out at home.  There’s plenty for us to do at home and we always manage to find a way to have a little fun. 

Sometimes we hang out and listen to music.  Dad’s got a bunch of these round, shiny things that play groovy tunes.  I like to look at the pictures and try to eat them.

1.9-1.1.jpgWord to the wise, they look better than they taste. 

After that, sometimes we get inspired to go and make a little music of our own.  Dad’s got this noisy thing in his “man cave” that I like to smack. 


I don’t know who this crazy guy is, but I like him.  I like his wild hair and cool pants.

1.9-4.jpgAfter jammin’, it’s time for a break.  I’ve found the best way to wind down is with a little MLB Network.  I pulled my bat out tonight during “Hot Stove”, to work on my bunting technique. 
1.9-5.jpgThis is about the time that I start to get tired.  Really tired.  Which means, it’s about time for our bottles.  Can you figure out which one is mine? 
1.9-6.jpgMine’s the one in the middle.  Dad likes this stuff called beer.  He says his favorites are from Belgium, whatever that means.  I’ll be honest with you, the stuff is gross.  I think his tastebuds might be broken or something.  I don’t argue with him though.  It just means more milk for me. 

So Friday nights are pretty great, even when there aren’t any baseball games to watch.  You should give it a try sometime.  You won’t regret it.