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Rockies vs. Padres Pt. 2

In case you missed it, I was on the MLBlog homepage again last week.  They had my smiling face up there with some other great guys including Joe Torre, Mark DeRosa and local favorite Don (the Rock Pile Ranter).  Here’s a screenshot.


We headed back to the ballpark on Tuesday to catch another round against the Padres.

We managed to get to the game early again to take in batting practice.  Dad met some of the regular ballhawks and finally met up with Don, who writes the Rock Pile Rant, which we both enjoy reading.  Check it out if you haven’t already.  Dad got Jeff Francis to throw us a ball. 

It was a little dirty, but I think it just adds to the flavor.  I love chewing on my baseballs. 

 I snapped this picture when I heard the guys talking about me. 
9.16-2.jpgI think they were hoping to get mentioned in my blog.  Jeff Baker was asking if his hair looked OK.  He could probably see me taking pictures to post online.  It’s OK Jeff, I don’t even have hair yet.   

Anyway, on to the game.  It was Ubaldo Jiminez’s turn on the mound and I knew he would be able to take care of things. 
9.16-4.jpgI know he’s a Padre, but I like all-star Adrian Gonzalez.  I got Dad to snap a picture because I think he’s a good player, not to mention I caught a ball from him earlier this season.
9.16-6.jpgIt was my lucky night and I got to see another grand slam.  This time it was from Chris Iannetta.  Way to go Chris!  I learned how to clap this week so I was able to yell AND clap for Chris. 
9.16-9.jpgLots of K’s on the board tonight.  Way to go guys!

9.16-8.jpg It was good to see them pull out a 10-3 win after the spanking we took last night. 

Before I wrap this up, I want to congratulate Zack, who managed to snag home run balls at back to back games this week.  He caught them at Yankee Stadium.  It’s the final week for Yankee Stadium and he was spotlighted on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight.  Both come on past my bed time, but his website had some great videos of his catches.

Also, I got my very first piece of mail this week.  Actually, I got two things in the mail.  I’ll tell you about them in an upcoming post, but I’ll just say one came from one of my favorite Rockies and the other came from last years World Series Champions.  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!