Spring Training Cactus League

Spring Training is finally here!  I’m heading out to Arizona this weekend to catch a few games.  We get into Phoenix on Saturday morning and will probably take in one of the many games going on around town.  Sunday will give us a chance to do a little exploring and sightseeing.  Then on Monday, we’re heading to Tucson to catch my Rockies at Hi Corbett Field.  I can’t wait! 

The only question is who should I go see on Saturday? 

We won’t have time to drive down to Tucson for the Rockies game, so here are my options:

Angels vs. Brewers

White Sox vs. Cubs – Sold out!

Indians vs. A’s – Can I handle seeing Matt Holliday in green?

Padres vs. Royals

Giants vs. Mariners

What game do you think I should see?

Spring Training, here I come!

Also, I wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry.  I really appreciate it. 



  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I would go Giants-Mariners. You may get to see Ken Griffey Jr., and since he seems like a really nice guy, you might get a picture with him! Wherever you end up, it’s live baseball, so have fun! And the White Sox-Cubs being sold out is no surprise. That matchup always sells out!

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