2008 Totals and 2009 Goals

Since 2009 has arrived, I decided to take a look back on 2008.  2008 was pretty darn good to me, especially when it came to baseball.  I didn’t a little math and added up my ’08 totals.  But before I share that with you, I want to send out a special thanks to all of my bears.  Without you guys and all of your paws, I never would have been able to add these totals up.  You guys have my back and I appreciate it. 

Games Attended: 22

Different Teams I Watched: 15 (11 NL and 4 AL)

Stadiums Visited: 3 (Coors Field, McAfee Coliseum and Camden Yards)

Baseballs Snagged in Batting Practice: 6

Autographs: 23 different players


I also managed to catch 3 Minor League games, where I caught 4 baseballs and got plenty of autographs.  Needless to say, I was a pretty lucky boy.

For 2009, I came up with a few goals for myself.  I’d like to try to attend 12 games, visit 3 stadiums and snag 1 baseball.  I know it might sound a little on the conservative side compared to last year’s numbers, but I want to make sure I wasn’t just really, really lucky in 2008.  It was only my first season, so who knows.  

I’m already off to a good start.  Yesterday in the mail, I got a letter from Bud Selig.  He’s the Commissioner of Major League Baseball!  He sent me a letter and a signed picture.  Dad said his signature is on every single official baseball.  His hand must get tired from signing his name all the time. 
1.4.09.jpgThanks Mr. Selig!  I hope to see you at the park this season.   



  1. Elizabeth D

    Baby Paul,
    I too was at McAfee Coliseum, I saw a Dodgers game (Nomar was there too–very emotional!!). Any stadiums in particular Baby Paul? AT&T Park is beautiful, and Fenway as well of course! Very cool that you got an autographed picture from Mr. Selig!

  2. babypaul

    Hey Elizabeth,
    I’m not sure where we’re headed this summer. I think we’ll probably make it back to McAfee or maybe even AT&T Park for a game. I’ve got some friends out there that enjoy a good baseball game. We’re headed back east for a wedding in May and I hope to catch a game or two out there. Who knows??? Wrigley and Fenway are at the top of my list.

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