My First Real Job???

Ever since I turned one, I’ve been thinking about getting a job.  You know, saving a little money, maybe looking into getting my own pad.  Who knows.  Anyway, today I ran across this ad:

The Tampa Bay Rays are looking for a bat boy!  Yeah, the American League champs need a bat boy!  I’m there.  Tampa is a little humid, but the rays play in a dome and the price of housing isn’t too bad.  It sounded perfect, until I read a little further down on the page that the minimum age requirement is 18.  18!  That sounds more like a bat man, than a bat boy to me. 

What’s the deal?  I drink my milk, I do my squats.  I might be short, but I know my baseball.  Oh well, good luck in your search Rays!  If you decide to drop the age requirment, give me a ring on my cell. 

Happy 2009!


  1. juliasrants

    Paul – I think they are being unfair to you! It sounds a little like “bait & switch” – they advertise for a “bat boy” but it isn’t what they really are looking for. Hold out for the same job with the Rockies!

    Happy New Years & don’t stay up too late!


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