My 1st Birthday and I made the Top 100 for 2008!

So tomorrow I officially turn 1.  I just found out that I made the top 100 on MLBlogs!  Wow, what a birthday gift!  Thanks to everyone for reading my little spot on the internet.  I know, I know, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted.  I hope to change all that.  I’ve been bouncing ideas off of Mom and Dad and we’re going to get busy on keeping my blog up to date. 

I got my first birthday present this weekend from my friend Rowan.  He gave me a baseball present.  He must know me pretty well.  Here I am opening my very first birthday present.  Thanks Rowan!


birthday.jpgMom’s planning a big party for me tomorrow.  It sounds like she invited everybody.  Gran C and Pappy will be there, my kitties will be there, my friends will be there, my bears will be there.  I can’t wait.   

I have so much to share with you and tell you about, but it’s way past my bed time.  Check back soon and thanks again for reading! 




  1. mlbmark

    Happy First Birthday from all of us at MLBlogs, Baby Paul! Glad you are learning to score already! Happy Holidays to you and the family. We have a birthday present to send you from if your typing assistants want to email a snail-mail address. Everyone enjoy the season and congrats again, BP!


  2. raysrenegade

    You are too too cool Baby Paul.
    Congrats on the big day, I wish you at least 99 more of them.
    Something to look forward to in 2009, when the Rays come play again at Coors Field, you can go slurp FREE cheese off a pizza slice at a local Lakewood pizzeria.
    He promises all Rays fans a free pizza slice or more that day. I will be out there for the festivities, and will lend you my Game Used cap if you need one……………..only will cost you a smile

    Happy Birthday, and I hope you have a white Christmas this year.

    Rays Renegade

  3. thegoodofthegame

    You are waaaaay cooler than the E*Trade kid!!!
    I remember my first birthday… ok, no I don’t, but I’m sure yours will be awesomer!




  4. babypaul

    Thanks for all of the nice comments. My birthday was great. It was my best one ever. I had lots of yummy cake and got all kinds of fun things to throw around and play with from my friends. I’ll try to post some pics this afternoon. Thanks again!

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