Rockies vs. Dodgers Pt. 2

We headed back to the ballpark again last night to catch another game.  I asked an usher to take a picture of us and we got a great family shot over the Dodgers dugout. 


Dad managed to get an autograph from Jeff Francis.  He got it on my World Series ball.  Jeff was really friendly and I was glad to add him to my collection. 
9.13-2.jpgJorge De La Rosa was on the mound for us tonight. 

He stumped Manny, which doesn’t happen very often. 

Kind of a quiet, uneventful game.  Unfortunately, the Rockies couldn’t pull out a win.  They’re having trouble scoring runs these days. 

I took a self portrait of me with Mom and Dad during the game.  I love being at the ballpark even when my team isn’t winning. 
9.13-6.jpgWe stopped by the Dugout Store on the way home and I bought a few fun things from the All Star Game.  I got Dad a hat and Mom got one of those nice shirts designed by Alyssa Milano.  She’s a Dodgers fan, but that’s OK.  She has an MLBlog just like me and Mom likes her designs.  Check it out here.  I also got a ball for myself to play with and roll around. 
9.13-7.jpgWe’ll be back at the stadium Monday and Tuesday when the Padres come to town.  Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the game next week!


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