Rockies vs. Astros Pt. 2

We headed out early today to take in batting practice and grab some autographs.  When we first got in, the ushers gave me this funny looking bottle. 

9.7-17.jpgI like my bottles with a nipple on the end, so I told Dad he could have it.  He said it’s for coffee.  Dad seemed pretty happy to have it.  I think I’ll stick to my milk. 

I was excited to see Todd Helton out and about.  He’s been on the DL for a long time.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to join the team before the season is over.  We miss you Todd!

9.7-1.jpgOn to the autographs.  Mom headed over first to snag Steven Register.

9.7-2.jpgNext she was able to meet Edwin Bellorin.
9.7-3.jpgWhile she was running around, Dad and I waited patiently for our chance to meet Greg Reynolds.  I hadn’t seen him since he was still with the Sky Sox.  He was nice enough to sign one of my baseballs.
9.7-4.jpgI wanted to mix things up a little bit this game and decided to head over to the Astros dugout.  Dad pulled out a new ball and our first autograph was from relief pitcher Doug Brocail. 

Next to come see me was Alberto Arias.

9.7-5.jpgHe was traded from the Rockies to the Astros this season.  He’s scheduled to start tomorrow against the Pirates. 

I also managed to meet catcher J.R. Towles. 

Everybody was really friendly to me.  I suppose I could cheer for the Astros if they weren’t playing against the Rockies.  We stuck around to watch the players come out and warm up. 

The player on the left is catcher Humberto Quintero.  I waved at him when he was going into the dugout and he threw me his baseball. 
9.7-9.jpgHow lucky am I?!?!  That’s my fourth Major League Baseball so far!

Dinger saw me on the Astros side of the field and seemed a little worried that I might be turning into an Astros fan. 

His moose friend wasn’t happy about it either.  He kept giving me these crazy eyes. 

I let them know my allegiance was still with the Rockies.

There were a few empty seats in our row today and I decided to sit by myself for a while.
9.7-11.jpgMom and Dad are great, but I don’t need to be held all the time like I’m a baby or something.

On to the game.  Here’s Lance Berkman getting ready to hit into a double play.

9.7-12.jpgManny Corpas came in for some late relief work.

9.7-13.jpgDoug Brocail did some relief pitching for the Astros.  He signed my baseball before the game.

Here’s Brad Hawpe watching a ball sail by.  Humberto Quintero is catching.  He’s the guy that tossed me his warm up baseball before the game.
9.7-15.jpgHere’s my last game shot.  This is LaTroy Hawkins pitching for the Astros.  He played for the Rockies last year and was honored this weekend, along with Kazuo Matsui, for helping the Rockies reach the World Series last year.  Mom really likes Kaz.  She wore a shirt with his name and number on it this weekend.  Unfortunately, he didn’t see any playing time during the series, since he’s still recovering from an injury.

9.7-16.jpgHere’s a shot of one of the baseballs I got autographs on.
9.7-18.jpgThese are some of the Astros players that I met today.  I’ve got two other baseballs going with Rockies players on them.  I’ll post a picture of those soon. 

The Rockies lost 7-5.  I was hoping for a win, but they just couldn’t hold onto the lead.  They’re heading to Atlanta for a few games and are back in town next weekend to face the Dodgers.  We’ve got tickets for Friday and Saturday.  I can’t wait for the series to begin.  Manny Ramirez will be in town and the Dodgers are currently in first place in the NL West.  The Rockies could really make up some ground if they can pull out a few wins. 

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