Rockies vs. Astros Pt. 1

So we had tickets last night again, thanks to my good buddy Frank.  Frank knows how to take care of a Rockies fan.  We had seats right behind home plate.  The only thing that might have made these seats better would have been if the usher had warmed up my bottle prior to my arrival at the ballpark.  These seats were awesome and as you’ll find out later, the company around me was also great.

The opening pitch was thrown out by Rod Smith.  I had never heard of him, but Dad said he’s a famous football player and Mom said he’s been in some bad pizza commercials.  Not sure what football is and I’ve never had pizza.  Not much more I can say about him.  Everyone seemed to like him and he waved to the crowd.  He was OK in my book.  Dad said I should take his picture, so here you go.

The Rockies had Jeff Francis back on the mound.  He’s one of my favorites, even though he’s Canadian. 
9.6-2.jpgThe Rockies got stuck facing Roy Oswalt.  He was really, really good. 
9.6-3.jpgI made quick friends with the ladies in the rows behind us.  I asked them to take a picture of us.  You’ll here more about them later.  Notice in the picture, that I can’t take my eyes off them.   

One of my favorite things about our seats was the great pictures Mom took.  Here’s Jason Grilli striking out Jose Castillo.

Not to mention you had a great view of the whole ballpark.


I rallied for the guys in the 8th and 9th innings, but they just couldn’t get a hit off of Roy Oswalt.  Roy only gave up 1 hit in the entire game.  He’s not a Rockie, but I was impressed by him.


Matt Holiday couldn’t even get a hit off of Roy. 
9.6-8.jpgThe rows behind us were filled up by the players wives and girlfriends.  I can’t think of a better place for a single, handsome guy like me to hang out, than with the players girlfriends.  Let me introduce you to my friends Lisa, Lindsey and Paige. 


I took turns flirting with them and sitting in their laps.  I like their husbands too much to try anything, but it might explain why the Rockies could only get 1 hit in the entire game.  Maybe they were nervous watching me put on my moves in the stands.  Lisa was in a magazine that I’m not allowed to read.  I’m not really sure why.  I mean, I love to play and I’m a boy.  Pretty much sums me up.  Mom and Dad both said no…  Oh well…

I get sad when the Rockies lose.

But, I made some new friends and had tickets to the next day’s game.  Maybe things weren’t so bad.


One comment

  1. rockymountainway

    Ha baby Paul you get the love from the ladies! I might have to borrow you for a game or two, lol. Glad you got to see the Oswalt game as it was one of the most memorable for me to have witnessed. You’ll have to ask your mom and pops about it again when you reach post teenage years to appreciate it fully!

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