The Rockies take on the Snakes

I got Mom, Dad, Pappy and Gran C together for another game this week.  I took them out to see my Rockies take on the Diamondbacks.  We headed out early to catch batting practice.  Here’s a few shots that Mom took for me.

The weather was great and I enjoyed hanging out in the park.  Dad brought his glove, but it was Mom’s turn to snag me a baseball.  She grabbed a ball for me that landed under her seat.  She rocks!


After batting practice, we headed over to the dugout to see if I could get some more autographs.  I got Chris Iannetta to sign my program.  He’s on the cover this month and is always really nice to me. 


Clint Hurdle also came over and signed a picture for me.  He makes me smile. 

After batting practice and hanging out by the dugout, it was time for dinner.



It was dollar dog night at the stadium.  I decided to give my coupon to Pappy.  I was more in the mood for some fresh milk.












Then I grabbed a quick nap.












Mom got some good pics last night during the game.  Here’s Seth Smith at bat.  Mom loves Seth Smith and hopes he doesn’t go back to the Sky Sox anytime soon.


Jason Grilli came in for some relief late in the game.











And here’s Matt Holiday refilling on sunflower seeds. 













It wasn’t a great night for the Rockies and they wound up losing 4-2.  It was my first time seeing Randy Johnson pitch and he looks like a pretty big guy.  Pappy kept calling him the Big Unit, whatever that means.  Pappy is funny.  Dad told me he got to see him pitch when he was a kid back in Baltimore.  I guess he’s been playing for a long time. 

Here’s the program I got signed and the ball Mom caught for me.

ball12.jpgI’m thinking about moving my crib to Coors Field for the month of September.  Mom and Dad already got me tickets for two games next month and we still have our tickets to trade in from the rain out last week.  Plus, Dad has a friend at work who’s going to give us tickets to a game or two for September.  I can’t wait.  I’ve got to cheer the guys on and help get another Rocktober.  I wasn’t born last Rocktober, but I heard all about it.  I’d love to go to a playoff game in my “rookie” season. 

Drop me a line and say “hi”.  Thanks for reading!





    You are a lucky lucky boy. It was a FUN evening !!! Looking forward to our next game together . Hugs, Grancie and Pap

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