A Little Rain, A Free Shirt, Good Food And Great Company

I was really looking forward to seeing the Rockies play the Nationals this week.  Gran C and Pappy took me to the game this past Wednesday.  As soon as we got out of the car, it started to rain.  I’m a big boy and don’t mind getting wet, but when we got to the stadium, they had covered up the field.  We all got free shirts when we got there.  They had Chris Iannetta’s name and number on the back.  He signed a baseball for me at one of my first ever baseball games. 

I was looking forward to batting practice, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  Don’t worry, I didn’t cry or anything.  I settled for having dinner at the park.  First, Mom gave me some Cheerios. 


















 Then I munched on some fruit and oatmeal with Dad.













 Most of all, I just liked being able to hang out with my Gran C and Pappy.















I even caught some zzzz’s on Pap’s shoulder.
















 We waited it out until almost 9:00 and there was no sign of the rain letting up. 


tarp6.jpgI was tired and wanted a warm bottle for bed.  When we got home, Mom told me that the game had been cancelled.  The good news is that we can turn our tickets in for another game this season.  

I’m not afraid of the rain.  I mean, it’s kind of weird and feels funny on my face, but it’s not much different from my bathtub, which is a whole lot of fun.  I love to splash around and get Mom all wet.  My only complaint with rain is when it doesn’t stop.  I was ready for a baseball game tonight, but oh well…   

Dad is working on getting us some tickets for this weekend.  If that doesn’t work out, we’ll at least be back next week to see the Rockies beat the Diamondbacks.  I’m hoping for better weather.     



  1. jeffrobi@mac.com

    You are right “little man” it was a fun evening ! Looking forward to the game next week . XO Grancie and Pappy

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