The Rox and The Sox

 I’ve had a busy week again and I wanted to type a quick update before Dad gives me my last bottle for the day and puts me in my crib.  On Sunday (7/20), Mom and Dad had tickets to see the Rockies take on the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I decided to spend the day with Gran C, Pappy and my kitties.  It was going to be really hot and I didn’t need to be out in the sun all day.  I gave Dad some baseballs so he could try to get me some more autographs. 


Here’s a picture of Dad with Omar Quintanilla.






Mom got Ubaldo Jimenez to sign my ’07 World Series ball. 
















They had a good time and I stayed cool at my Gran’s house.  Dad tried to get me a baseball, but he just missed catching it.  He doesn’t have the same luck that I have. 


Mom and I told Dad we wanted to go back to see the Sky Sox again.  Dad got tickets for the game on Tuesday (7/22) against the New Orleans Zephyrs.  Here’s me waiting for the gates to open. 

I had my sharpie around my neck and waited patiently for the players to autograph my baseball.  Dad got front row seats near the dugout again, which is the perfect spot for snagging autographs. 


I managed to get quite a few autographs.  The highlights for me were Jayson Nix, Cory Sullivan, Joe Koshansky and Greg Reynolds.  They’ve all played for the Rockies at some point this season and Jayson Nix might even play for the U.S. Team in Bejing.  I had fun hanging out with the guys and watching them warm up before the game. 

Here’s some pictures Mom took during the game.  My hands aren’t big enough to hold the camera, so I let her take all the pictures. 


That’s Cory Sullivan at bat and Greg Reynolds pitching. 











First base coach Rene Lachemann came over to say hi to me.  He’s really funny and I met him at our last game.  He gave me another baseball.

Here’s a picture of Mom and I with my new ball. 

Sox the Fox makes me laugh.  He’s pretty silly.  He had wheels in his shoes and skated all over the top of the dugout. 

The Sky Sox won in 12 innings from a home run by Jayson Nix.  I was pretty sleepy towards the end of the game and slept all the way home.  I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go back!




  1. metmainman

    Paul sure loves baseball, doesn’t he? I would love to see how he reacts in 10 years when you guys show him what youd did for him, you seem like such great paretns, and great baseball fans too. I bet Paul will grow up to be a great baseball writer or announcer.


    Hi Pauley
    We knew you were special and now you’re # 1 ~ _ ^ . Dad is passing his love of baseball to you , maybe when you are older you will be a ” bat boy ” for a team like he was . You have GREAT parents ! We hope you will absorb all they are giving you . xo, Grancie & Pappy

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