My Trip to Oakland

I took my Mom and Dad to Oakland, California to see the Oakland A’s on Sunday.  I wanted to meet up with some of my friends and take in the West Coast for the first time.  Dad got me up way to early, but I knew it would be worth it.  We caught the first flight out of Denver to Las Vegas and then quickly took off on our way to Oakland.  I was a sleepy head and snagged some serious zzz’s on the flight. 


We got to Oakland and caught the BART over to the stadium.  The first thing I saw when we got to McAfee Coliseum was a list of the A’s Championship years.  They must be pretty good.  Here’s a shot I asked Mom to take. 

Dad said the A’s were one of his favorite teams when he was growing up.  He seemed pretty excited to see some of his heroes recognized around the ballpark.












Today was Jersey day at the ballpark and there was a big line when we got there.  Here’s a picture of Dad and I waiting to get in.  The stadium gave away replica Dave Stewart jerseys.   

I didn’t mind waiting.  Mom fed me sweet potatoes, which has become one of my favorite snacks.  Plus, I made some friends with the kids lined up around me. 


Check out the shirt Mom bought for me.  It’s got an elephant playing baseball on it.  The A’s mascot is an elephant, plus my shirt is green, which is the team color.  My Mom is pretty smart.  I hope I’m as smart as her someday.  


And in case you were wondering… yes, it takes a lot of work to be this cute.  




We finally got inside and made our way towards batting practice.  I was kind of sleepy and didn’t try to go for any balls or autographs today.  Plus, I wanted to see all of my buddies.  I told Dad to take some pictures though and we watched the team warmup.  




































Here’s a picture from our seats in the outfield. 

My friends showed me all around the stadium.  It was big and had long tunnels going around it.  It was kind of strange and much different from where my Rockies play.  I liked our seats so much, that I decided to take a nap.  I love to watch baseball, but Dad got me up so early, I got a little sleepy during the game. 

Here’s a picture from the game. 


I cheered as much as I could for the A’s, but they lost in the 9th inning.  I was disappointed because I really wanted to see the elephants win.  Maybe next time… 


I posed with my buddies after the game for some pictures. 

I also took a few more pictures on our way out of the stadium. 

After the game, we went to hang out at my friend Anica’s house.  She has a nice house, just down the road from the stadium.  I showed off some of my new found crawling skills and hung out with her and Sam. 

I guess you have to be silly to be a Mommy.  Dad says it’s a requirement.  My Mom’s the funniest. 

Eventually, we had to go back to the airport and catch our flight home.  I was getting really sleepy, but I had a great day with Mom, Dad and all of my California friends.  Tomorrow is the All Star Game.  I’m excited to watch it on the big screen over at Gran C and Pappy’s house. 


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