MLB Catchup Part 2

So I want to get completely caught up on everything before I take my parents to Oakland this weekend to see the A’s in action.  I left off in my last post with the Cardinals.  The next game I went to was 5/18 when the Rockies took on the Minnesota Twins.  We went with our friend Chris and Dad got tickets against the first base foul line.  They were great.  A friendly usher spotted me looking sharp in my Rockies outfit and tossed up a ball for me.  What a great way to start my day! 
twinsfamrsz.jpgMy head’s still a little too small for my hat, but I’m working on it.  I’m drinking my milk and eating my peas. 


Here’s all of us hanging out in the outfield watching the guys in the bullpen warmup.  We had a great day and my team got another win! 

For our next game, we took a trip to see the Colorado Springs Sky Sox play.  They’re the AAA team for the Rockies. Dad got front row seats for only $2!  We went on 6/2 to see them play the Fresno Grizzlies.  I love bears, but I had to cheer for the Sox.  Once again, my good looks got me a bunch of autographs and a game ball from first base coach Rene Lachemann.  Dad later told me that Rene has coached the Marlins, Mariners and Brewers. 
soxdadrsz.jpgAm I cute or what? 


















Don’t tell anybody, but Mom has a crush on Seth Smith.  Here’s Seth getting ready to steal second base.  I was told not to steal.  Maybe Seth should just ask for it. 

Here’s some more pics that Mom took.  This one is of Joe Koshansky.  He got called up to the Rockies last week and has already hit two home runs! 
sox3rsz.jpgWe all had a great time at the game.  They’ve got a funny fox that runs around getting into trouble.  He’s silly and makes me laugh.  Here’s one more shot Mom took from the game.

The sox won and I got to sleep through the whole car ride home. 

I managed to talk Mom and Dad into taking me to two more games.  Both games were against the Padres at Coors Field.  Gran C and Pappy went with us too.  It was their first Rockies game so I had to show them around.  We went early again and I got some more autographs.  Dad got my ’07 World Series ball signed by Clint Hurdle. 

He was really friendly and signed autographs for a long time.  Ryan Spilborghs also came over to sign some autographs.  Spilly always seems to come through during tough situations.  I got my World Series ball signed and then I had Mom hold me up to get my uniform autographed.  I tried to hold still, but it kind of tickled and made me laugh. 

We watched the Padres take batting practice and Dad was quick enough to get a home run ball that was hit by Adrian Gonzalez.  sanbprsz.jpg


I think that’s about it for now.  Mom got me a great shirt for the game in Oakland this weekend.  I can’t wait.  Stay on the lookout for an update after I get home.  I gotta go.  I need to go and practice my crawling skills. 
















  1. babypaul

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I’m trying to do my best at catching baseballs. My Dad helps me out a lot since I can’t catch that well and I’m kind of slow getting around by myself. I also enjoy meeting my favorite players and getting autographs.
    I checked out your blog and was really impressed. My Dad grew up in Baltimore and loves the Orioles. We both enjoyed reading your latest addition.
    Looks like you and I have a lot in common! Keep in touch. Maybe we can catch a game together sometime.
    P.S. Would you like me to send you some Rockies stuff?


    Hi Paul, You are a cutie šŸ™‚ For such a little guy you sure do get around . You are following in your Dad’s footsteps , he has always had a love for baseball . Thanks for taking us to our first Riockies game , it was a wonderful evening . We are soooo glad we moved to Colorado so we can watch you grow and be part of your adventure . We love you so much , Grancie and Pappy

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